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Kaemeasu Digital Multimeter

Kaemeasu Digital Multimeter

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Kaemeasu Digital Multimeter - Your Essential Companion for Precision Electrical Measurements! ⚡️🔧

Upgrade your electrical toolkit with the Kaemeasu Digital Multimeter, a powerhouse of features designed to make your electrical measurements accurate and efficient. Whether you're a professional electrician or a DIY enthusiast, this multimeter is your go-to tool for various applications.

Key Features:

- Versatile Measurements: This digital multimeter can measure DC and AC voltage, DC and AC current, resistance, capacitance, and more, covering a wide range of electrical parameters.

- True RMS Technology: Ensure accurate readings even for non-sinusoidal waveforms, making it a reliable choice for various electrical systems.

- Manual Range Selection: Take control of your measurements with manual range selection, allowing you to tailor the settings to your specific needs.

- Compact Design: With dimensions of 21.5*21*4.5 cm, this multimeter is compact and easy to handle, making it suitable for various environments.

- Certified Quality: CE certified, this multimeter meets high-quality standards, providing you with a reliable and durable tool for your electrical tasks.


- AC Voltage: 200 mV
- DC Voltage: 1000V
- AC Current: 200uA
- DC Current: 200mA
- Resistance Range: 20MOhm
- Capacitance Range: 200uF
- Operating Mode: Manual Range
- Dimensions: 21.5*21*4.5 cm
- Operating Temperature: 0 - 40 ℃

Efficiency Meets Precision:
Whether you're troubleshooting, conducting experiments, or working on a DIY project, the Kaemeasu Digital Multimeter ensures your measurements are precise and reliable.

Smart Tool for Smart Electricians:
Embrace efficiency and accuracy in your electrical work with the Kaemeasu Digital Multimeter. Make every measurement count! 🔍🛠️

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