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DAZZLEEX Slide Rod Sleeve Socket Wrench

DAZZLEEX Slide Rod Sleeve Socket Wrench

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Upgrade your toolkit with the versatile DAZZLEEX Slide Rod Sleeve Socket Wrench. This precision-forged socket wrench is designed to meet your needs, whether you're working on cars, mechanical parts, electronics, or pipes. Its features make it a must-have addition for both professional mechanics and DIY enthusiasts.

Key Features:

🛠️ Durable Construction: Crafted with precision from chrome vanadium steel, this socket wrench offers outstanding durability and resistance to rust. The mirror-polished finish ensures its longevity.

🔧 Flexible Slide Bar: The slide bar is engineered for flexibility, allowing it to slide freely in both directions. This feature enhances your control and efficiency when working on various tasks.

🚫 Anti-Off Steel Ball: The high degree of combination and the anti-off steel ball design ensure that your sockets stay securely attached to the wrench, reducing the risk of falling off during quick operations.

🔩 Size Options: The DAZZLEEX Slide Rod Sleeve Socket Wrench comes in four size options: 1/4'' (115mm long), 3/8'' (155mm long), 3/8'' (195mm long), and 1/2'' (250mm long). This variety allows you to choose the size that best suits your specific needs.

🪛 Versatile Applications: This socket wrench is suitable for a wide range of applications, including car repairs, working with mechanical parts, handling electronics, and plumbing tasks.


- Product Name: Socket Adapter Sliding Rod
- Material: Chrome Vanadium Steel
- Color: Silver
- Size Options: 1/4 (6.35mm), 3/8 (9.5mm), 1/2 (12.7mm)
- Optional Length: 115mm, 155mm, 195mm, 250mm

With its precision engineering and chrome vanadium steel construction, the DAZZLEEX Slide Rod Sleeve Socket Wrench is a reliable addition to your toolkit. Its flexibility, secure socket attachment, and versatility make it a valuable asset for various repair and maintenance tasks. Choose the size that suits your needs, and experience the efficiency and control this socket wrench provides.


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