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Coin-Type Spark Plug Gage Gap Tool

Coin-Type Spark Plug Gage Gap Tool

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Gage Gap Tool

Ensure precise spark plug gaps effortlessly with the Coin-Type Spark Plug Gage Gap Tool. 🛠️ This compact and versatile tool is designed for easy and accurate measurement of spark plug gaps, allowing you to maintain optimal performance in your engine. Here's why this tool is a must-have for every DIY mechanic or automotive enthusiast:

Key Features:

1. Wide Range: The spark plug gap tool covers a range of 0.02 to 0.1 inches (0.60 - 2.4 millimeters), providing flexibility for various spark plug sizes. 📏

2. Durable Construction: Crafted from solid alloy steel, this tool ensures durability and longevity. The die-cast construction enhances accuracy, making it a reliable choice for your automotive toolkit. 🔧

3. Easy-to-Read Scale: The tool features an easy-to-read scale, allowing you to quickly and accurately measure spark plug gaps with precision. 📊

4. Resilient and Flexible: The coin-type design provides resilience and flexibility, making it easy to adjust spark plug gaps without the risk of damage. 💪

5. Portable and Convenient: With a diameter of about 37mm, this compact tool is portable and can be easily carried in your pocket or toolkit. It even comes with a key ring attachment for added convenience. 🚗🔑


- Material: Solid alloy steel
- Color: Silver
- Size: Approximately 37mm in diameter
- Range: 0.02 to 0.1 inch (0.60 - 2.4mm)
- Type: Spark plug Gap

Package Included:

1  Spark Plug Gauge (Other accessories not included)


The round hole in the tool is specifically designed for adjusting the spark plug gap. Additionally, it can be attached to a key ring for easy portability. 🔄🔍

How to Use:

Simply insert the edge of the coin-type tool into the ignition gap of the spark plug. This easy-to-use tool ensures accurate gap adjustments for optimal engine performance. 🚀

Upgrade your automotive toolkit with the Coin-Type Spark Plug Gage Gap Tool and experience the convenience of precise spark plug gap measurements. Whether you're a seasoned mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, this tool is essential for maintaining your vehicle's ignition efficiency.


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